What is a Multimedia Virtual Assistant?

Our Multimedia Virtual Assistants are extensively trained individuals who work remotely for you in creative multimedia software. They can help in many areas important to your business such as:

  • Video editing
  • Animation and illustration
  • Graphic design and photo editing
  • Web design

There is a lot of talent and experience required for these tasks, and at a fraction of the cost, our Virtual Assistants can assist your existing creative team, so they may spend more time on high-priority tasks.

How can a Multimedia Virtual Assistant help my business?

Video editing

Many businesses use many different marketing strategies to market their products and services. Our Virtual Assistants can take on the timely task of video editing.

Animation and illustration

Animation and illustration can help your customers in understanding how to use your products or services. This difficult task is safe in the hands of our Multimedia Virtual Assistants.

Graphic design and photo editing

There are many graphics and photos that need to be enhanced and changed to make your product POP. Why not have your talented Multimedia Virtual Assistant do the work for your creative marketing team, so they can come up with new and improved ideas?

Web design

Nowadays a creative and updated website is crucial to many businesses. The design of the said website is key to drawing in more customers and therefore, more sales. Our Virtual Assistants are here for your business.

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Multimedia VA FAQs


How soon can my Multimedia Virtual Assistant get started?

We have Multimedia Virtual Assistants ready and able to work most shifts, at all times. Once you select your Multimedia VA they can generally start immediately and work on your US time zone and normal business hours.


How can BizVA keep my information secure?

All of our Virtual Assistants use technology that makes their computers and work, secure. We have specific computer malware and virus software requirements when we hire our Assistants.


How many Virtual Assistants can I hire?

You may choose to hire as many Virtual Assistants as you need to satisfy your business needs. We are here to help in any way we can!


How do I know I can trust my Multimedia Virtual Assistant?

Each of our Multimedia Virtual Assistants is pre-vetted with a background check and is hand-picked by us, through our extensive interview process.


How do I choose a Virtual Assistant for my business?

We will meet with you and gather your needs for a Virtual Assistant and send a list of potential candidates to review their resume, video introduction, and schedule an interview. From there, you can choose which Virtual Assistants interest you and we can set up a meet-and-greet so you may choose who you think will best fit your business.

Let’s save!

Get in touch with us and find a Multimedia Virtual Assistant that matches your wants and needs for your business; save time, money, and stress! Our adaptive team of Assistants are eager to work with you and keep your multimedia crystal clear!

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