Yes, it is possible to have people out there who enjoy the accounting side of a business. So why not hire one of our Bookkeeper Virtual Assistants who are eager to do this for you? See below for details.

What is a Bookkeeper Virtual Assistant?

Managing your business finances can be time-consuming, and let’s face it, you probably don’t like the work anyway. Our Bookkeeper Virtual Assistants enjoy this work and are ready and able to assist you. Here are many tasks our Virtual Assistants can do for you:

  • Ensuring your bills are paid on time
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Bank reconciliation in your accounting software
  • Preparing and mailing invoices to customers
  • Bank statement reconciliation

Our Virtual Assistants are ready, willing, and able to help with these tasks and many more.

How can a Bookkeeper Virtual Assistant help my business?

If you notice inconsistencies with your accounts, receivables, and books, it’s time for you to consider reaching out for help from a Virtual Assistant. Our assistants are highly experienced in the accounting field and can help with many, many tasks. Payables and receivables tend to take up a lot of time; our assistants are eager to cover this task for you and clear your AP/AR schedules with ease and keep up with the maintenance for them.

Billing & Accounts Payable

The thing no one likes to talk about is bills! And who wants to enter these invoices and cut checks? A Bookkeeper Virtual Assistant does! They can help with paying vendors, cutting checks, and making sure all bills are paid on time.

Financial Statements

Take the guesswork out of growing your business by having up-to-date monthly financial statements. These are the lifeblood of growing a successful company and we know it takes time. Our virtual bookkeepers can help you prepare Balance Sheets, Profit, and Loss Statements, and many more.


Preparing and mailing invoices to customers becomes quick and easy with the help of our Virtual Assistants. Turn over this task to them and be worry-free from this time-consuming job.

Bank Statement Reconciliation

One of the most time-consuming processes, the bank statement reconciliation. Spend less time reconciling and more time growing! Our Bookkeeper Virtual Assistants are here to happily take this task on so you can focus on the more exhilarating tasks for your business.

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Remote Bookkeeper FAQs


How soon can my Bookkeeper Virtual Assistant get started?

We have Bookkeeper Virtual Assistants ready and able to work most shifts, at all times. Once you select your Bookkeeper VA they can generally start immediately and work on your US time zone and normal business hours.


How can BizVA keep my information secure?

All of our Virtual Assistants use technology that makes their computers and work, secure. We have specific computer malware and virus software requirements when we hire our Assistants.


How many Virtual Assistants can I hire?

You may choose to hire as many Virtual Assistants as you need to satisfy your business needs. We are here to help in any way we can!


How do I know I can trust my Bookkeeper Virtual Assistant?

Each of our Bookkeeper Virtual Assistants is pre-vetted with a background check and is hand-picked by us, through our extensive interview process.


How do I choose a Virtual Assistant for my business?

We will meet with you and gather your needs for a Virtual Assistant and send a list of potential candidates to review their resume, video introduction, and schedule an interview. From there, you can choose which Virtual Assistants interest you and we can set up a meet-and-greet so you may choose who you think will best fit your business.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Bookkeeper Virtual Assistants are a lifesaver, or should we say, time saver. However you may look at it, our Virtual Assistants can help you free up a lot of your time and eliminate some stress and frustrations when it comes to your business finances. Contact us and start your journey with a Bookkeeper Virtual Assistant!

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