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What is a Quickbooks Virtual Assistant?

A Quickbooks Virtual Assistant has an array of skills and goes through intensive training to help you grow your accounting business. Some of these vital tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Sending invoices
  • Tracking payments and sending reminders
  • Keeping up with expenses
  • Synching payments with your bank
  • Managing inventory
  • Running financial reports
  • And more

If you are operating a Quickbooks heavy business, our Virtual Quickbooks Assistants are vital to your business so you can spend more of your time on core tasks.

How Would a Virtual QuickBooks Assistant Work in My Office?

Your QuickBooks assistant may not be sitting in your office, but they’re always by your side. Using secure remote access software, your QuickBooks VA can tap into your computer network, phone system, and banking software from wherever they are in the world. This is how they are able to make calls from your office line, track payments, send invoices, and run reports just like they were sitting in the next room. 

The hours that your QuickBooks VA works are completely up to you. If you’d like your Quickbooks virtual assistant to work during your office hours, that’s perfect. Or if you’d like them to work overnight so that you can walk in every morning knowing that all of your financial tasks were handled while you were sleeping, that’s fine, too. Our virtual assistants are at your disposal for whatever schedule works best for you.  

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant for QuickBooks

There are many benefits for hiring a QuickBooks virtual assistant for your business, below are just a few:

Quickbook VAs are Affordable

QuickBooks virtual assistants are paid about 1/3 of the salary of an in-house employee. 

Our Virtuals Assistant are Professionals at QuickBooks Support

Don’t settle for hiring whomever you can find from your local talent pool. We’ve gathered the most professional QuickBooks virtual assistants from across the globe for you to choose from.

Virtual Quickbooks Assistants Help Prevent burnout

When you can delegate all your QuickBooks tasks to your VA, you can reclaim your time and lower your stress level. 

Increased customer satisfaction

Customers who have their billing questions answered and phone calls returned are more likely to leave positive reviews and refer their friends.

Makes scaling possible

Been holding off on scaling your business because you can’t find the time to focus on growth? QuickBooks virtual assistants allow you to invest your time in what’s important instead of getting bogged down in accounting tasks.

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Quickbooks Virtual Assistant FAQs


How much does a virtual QuickBooks assistant cost?

Businesses in every industry are turning to virtual QuickBooks assistants because they’re more affordable than in-person staff and provide high-quality accounting support for a fraction of the cost.

The average annual salary for a QuickBooks bookkeeper is $21 an hour, or $43,875 per year. But the cost to hire a virtual QuickBooks assistant is only $10 an hour. For a full-time employee, that’s a savings of more than $23,000 a year!

With a virtual assistant for QuickBooks, payroll savings are just the beginning. When you hire an in-house employee, you can expect to pay between 1.25 to 1.5 times their salary to cover benefits. For example, an in-house employee with a $40,000 salary actually costs your office $50,000 – $60,000 each year once you factor in things like sick days, paid time off, vacation time, dental insurance, health insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.

However, all of those benefits are already included in a QuickBooks VA’s pay with BizVa. The $10 per hour rate covers everything, so it’s easy to afford and budget for the QuickBooks help you need.


Will I work with the same VA every day?

How will you know that you can trust your QuickBooks VA to do great work? For one, we put every one of our VAs through an intense vetting process to make sure we only hire to best. And for two, you’ll get to know them personally, as you’ll be working with the same person every day was part of your regular staff.

You will be able to communicate with your virtual assistant as often as you like via email, video calls, phone calls, and chat. Maybe you’d prefer a morning meeting to start every day off with a check-in, or perhaps you’d rather give your VA a list of tasks to manage regularly and only check in when something is needed. How often you communicate with your VA is up to you.


What happens if my QuickBooks Virtual Assistant doesn’t work out?

If you’re not happy with the performance, personality, or reliability of your QuickBooks VA, just let us know, and we will address the situation immediately. If you’d like to replace your VA with a new one, we’re happy to do that for you. 

Being able to fire or replace your VA at will is another benefit to working with a virtual employee. In the United States, labor laws can prevent you from quickly and easily firing someone who is not performing up to your standards. In some states, it can months and lengthy documentation to let an employee go without fear of a lawsuit. 

Because our virtual assistants work outside the U.S., they are not subject to U.S. labor laws. That means you can hire and fire at will, without the drama.

QuickBooks virtual assistants can help you grow your business

Dreaming of opening another location? Want to take on more clients and increase revenue growth? The cost and hassle of finding new employees often keep business owners’ dreams of scaling on hold. But at the low cost of only $10 per hour, QuickBooks VAs are not only easy to hire but incredibly affordable, so you can scale at your own pace.

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