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15 Tasks A Virtual Legal Assistant Can Do For You

Legal offices manage a high volume of work with tight deadlines and little to no margin for error. You’ve got to be on the ball. 


This isn’t a new problem for small private firms. You need your office to run efficiently and effectively but sometimes things pile up and you can get behind at the detriment of your practice. BizVA’s Virtual Remote Legal Assistants can help you get your firm on track for success. Here’s how a virtual legal assistant can help your law office:

What is a Virtual Legal Assistant?

A virtual legal assistant is a remote contractor who can help with day-to-day administrative tasks as well as larger projects. You can bring a virtual legal assistant on for dedicated projects or just for specific daily tasks and responsibilities. They can help keep your calendar organized, contact and follow up with important clients and associates, most importantly, they can help you stay on top of your work volume. Maybe you already have a few legal assistants or a fantastic company administrator; that’s great but they may need some back up. Hiring a virtual legal assistant for some extra support is a typical move for a lot of legal professionals.

15 Tasks A Virtual Legal Assistant Can Do For You:

Virtual Legal Assistants can help you keep your office on track by providing high-quality services like:


  • Data and Record Management: A virtual legal assistant can save you and your staff time and energy by categorizing records, creating archives,and organizing data and records from billing information, paid invoices, to client forms and more.
  • Administrative Back Up: A virtual legal assistant can help with client contact, answering emails from vendors, responding to messages and helping coordinate meetings. This can free up your administrative and legal staff so they can focus on bigger projects and provide support if anyone is on leave.
  • Client Services: You can ask your virtual legal assistant to help with client services and draft letters, emails, respond to incoming inquiries and help keep current clients updated on the progress of their case/claims. 
  • Calendar Management: A busy office can’t risk a cluttered calendar and confusing meeting schedules. A virtual legal assistant has the time and means to focus on your office calendar and help keep track of client meetings, deadlines, court needs, and even keep a detailed staff calendar so you know everyone’s availability. 
  • Help Draft Documents: A virtual legal assistant can help you with drafting, editing, and proof-reading your briefs, contracts, and other legal documents so you can meet deadlines with a high degree of success. 
  • New Client Intake: If you’re seeing an influx of new clients, a virtual legal assistant can help you with new client intake, scheduling appointments, and gathering important legal information.
  • Bookkeeping: You don’t have time to sort through all your receipts. A virtual legal assistant can help with invoicing, reimbursements like travel and meals, and help you keep track of billable hours. Even if they’re remote, they can also help with any office billing like utilities, vendor bills, and more.
  • Transcription: A good virtual legal assistant can provide quality transcriptions of audio and video recordings so you and any other staff can focus on clients. 
  • Social Media Management: Every small business needs social media, but you’re a law office, not an influencer. Who has the time? A virtual legal assistant can help you bring in clients with a brand-appropriate social media presence so you don’t have to worry about your Instagram feed.
  • Case-Specific and General Legal Research: A virtual legal assistant has the resources to help with in-depth legal research. This is a great example of hiring a legal VA for a dedicated case or individual project as the hours are specific to just that one need.
  • Keep Your Office Tech-Ready: A tech-savvy legal assistant can help you find and implement the right legal software for your office. The right VA can even help train your existing employees and interface with vendors for you.
  • Compliance Assistance: Especially if they’re engaged in client intake and follow up, a virtual legal assistant can help you screen for possible conflicts of interest and help you avoid any ethical problems.
  • Website and Content Creation: Just like your social media presence, you need an up-to-date website where potential clients can find you. Virtual legal assistants can help you keep up with the modern side of marketing with newsletters, blogs, and search engine optimization to reach a broader client base. 
  • Dedicated Projects: If you have a specific project that will take up a lot of time and you don’t have the manpower, a virtual legal assistant can come on board for just that one case, project, or pressing need. This is especially helpful if you’re behind on transcription or need to catch up on research or drafting. 
  • Market Research: A virtual legal assistant can help you stay competitive and provide market research for your area/state, helping you generate more client contacts and gain a bigger network. 


Hire a Virtual Legal Assistant with BizVA

Your legal practice needs to run smoothly to be successful for you and your clients. A virtual legal assistant can help you right the ship if things have gotten overwhelming or they can help you stay on track for future success. If you’re ready to give feedback, delegate clearly, and establish a great working relationship, you’re ready to hire a virtual legal assistant who can help your practice grow and reach your goals.


A virtual legal assistant would work remotely away from the office but provide a big impact on your day-to-day needs, assist with big projects, provide organizational support, and more.


Hiring people in-house can be expensive, so it’s smart to hire an experienced virtual legal assistant instead, saving you money and time.


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