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10 Ways a Realtor Can Use a Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Success

As a realtor, you’re on call 24/7. This isn’t a desk job where you can just shut off at the end of the day like most people. If you’re not meeting with clients, you’ve got so much going on with your business operations that hiring a Virtual Assistant could benefit your business in so many ways.


With BizVA, our virtual assistants can help you get more done in a shorter amount of time and let you free up some time to focus on work/life balance and the big sales you’re aiming for. You have to provide high-quality services to your existing clients while trying to generate leads, market, and stay on top of the continuing changes in the real estate market. 

What is a Real Estate VA?

A real estate virtual assistant is a remote contractor who can help you with your operational tasks so you can spend more time on the bigger goals. 


Virtual assistants can be onboarded quickly and help you with a range of  daily tasks including organization, calendar management, and helping you with your social media.


It’s easy to stay in contact with your virtual assistant. You can utilize any communication platform you’re comfortable with but the most popular are Zoom, WhatsApp. Our BizVA real estate virtual assistants work well on their own and are ready to jump in to help you get on track. We recommend you meet for a project planning session so they’re aware of your needs and how to best communicate instructions going forward

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Help With:


    1. Cold Calling: If you provide them with a script, they’ll be able to make cold contact with potential clients, taking that task off your plate. 
    2. Calendar Organization: A real estate VA can help you keep your calendar organized, not just meetings but also keep track of vital due dates for important documentation so you don’t have to worry about falling behind.
    3. Market Research: A good real estate VA can help you with market research in your area, especially if your area is experiencing a big influx of homebuyers. 
    4. Keep In Touch: You can rely on your VA to help you keep in touch with clients as things progress with potential sales, viewings, ect. This is also a great way for them to keep your calendar updated, by scheduling appointments with clients, inspectors, and providing high-quality customer service. This can help you cast a wider net and bring in more potential clients while keeping the ones you’re currently working with happy and feeling heard.
  • Get Your Documents Together: Assist you in getting public documents together, requesting public documents and tax records for sales. 
  • Marketing: Do you have time to post on social media? Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, LinkedIn, the list just gets longer every year. There’s a new social media page to keep up to date. A Real Estate VA can help with that and take that worry off your mind. A Real Estate VA can help create engaging content that can help you generate leads and showcase your business.
  • Email Organization/Networking: You have to be in-person for some of the bigger networking parts of your business. A real estate VA can help you by flagging what’s important in your email for you to respond to so you can open your calendar to more networking opportunities and lead generation.
  • Help Scale The Business: As a small business owner, your business needs to be able to handle growth. A virtual assistant can help you keep up as things become more fast-paced.
  • Personal assistant duties: It’s not uncommon for virtual assistants to help you keep your personal calendar up to date and remind you of things like dentist appointments or personal engagements, helping you keep your work and personal life separate. 
  • Help restore your work/life balance: With a real estate virtual assistant, you can take some down time. You won’t always have to be on call for clients, customers, and potential leads. A virtual assistant can help take some of the pressure off having to be reachable 24/7.

Getting Started With A Real Estate VA

  • Choose a virtual assistant who has the right skills and experience: Not all real estate VAs are created equal. You’re going to need someone with the right background in real estate who can hit the ground running for your needs. All of our VAs here at BizVA are highly trained and vetted so they can get started ASAP.
  • Communicate clearly: Be ready to delegate and not hold on to tasks. Communicate up-front with your VA on what you need them to get started on.
  • Get Lastpass or another software sharing app up and running: This ensures they have the tools they need to get started without any IT back and forth – they can log in to your email, social media, calendar, and more so they can get started.
  • Set a meeting time each week: Set a meeting time once a week so you can check in with each other and keep the work flow going.
  • Set clear expectations with feedback: People slip up with virtual assistants because they’re not used to delegating tasks or don’t want to feel like “the boss”. Your real estate VA will become a valuable resource and member of your team but you have to be ready to step up for leadership.

Should You Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Your success as a real estate agent hinges on being able to get a lot done in a short amount of time. Here are some ways to determine if you’re ready to hire a real estate virtual assistant:


  • You’re comfortable delegating tasks and know where you need the help.
  • Your workload is becoming overwhelming and you’re not focusing on the big things.
  • You just don’t have the time to keep up with your social media, website, and all the ancillary parts of lead generation.
  • You need more work/life balance and feel like you’re being pulled in too many directions with your face in a screen all day, every day. 
  • You’ve crushed the numbers and you can afford to pay for an experienced virtual assistant who knows the ropes and needs little training or direction.


Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant with BizVA

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant is a cost-effective way to get the day-to-day tasks that are pulling your focus under control. An experienced real estate virtual assistant will be able to take care of the smaller tasks that tend to pile up, helping you keep a high professional standard for your business. 


Hiring a full-time employee means you need office space, health coverage, equipment, and more. With an experienced real estate virtual assistant from BizVA, you’ll be able to focus on the bigger picture of your business. 


Set up your call with BizVA today to find out if a real estate virtual assistant is right for you.

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